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About the Fund

The Catherine Leroy Fund (Dotation Catherine Leroy or DCL) preserves and promotes Catherine Leroy’s legacy to make it available to scholars, historians, researchers, students, and to the general public, and to ensure its unique place in the history of photography. Since the Fund’s creation in 2011, over forty filmed interviews have been conducted in France and abroad with the men and women who knew or worked with Catherine Leroy in order to better understand the ways in which she operated in the field and to shed light on her character and motivations.

A not-for-profit organization founded in 2011, the Catherine Leroy Fund received its initial funding from Mrs. Denise Leroy (1914-2012), the mother of the photographer who had died in 2006. Her daughter’s sole heir, Denise Leroy donated Catherine’s works and transferred all artistic and intellectual property to the Fund. The Fund is the exclusive representative of Catherine Leroy’s work and legacy.

The Paris-based attorney-at-law, Isabelle Lescure, serves as the Fund’s counsel.

DCL’s Board Members

The Board of Trustees of the Fund is a working board made up of four volunteer members all from the photography world and who have personally met or known Catherine Leroy in a variety of professional circumstances in the course of her career:

Matthias Bruggmann, Swiss national. Free-lance photographer, graduate of Vevey School (Switzerland) specialized in conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Based in Lausanne. DCL co-Founder and Treasurer.
Dominique Deschavanne, French. Picture editor (Libération, L’Express), free-lance journalist, photography writer. Head of the Paris of office of the Contact Press Images photo agency. Based in Paris. DCL co-Founder and Secretary.
Robert Pledge, dual French and British nationalities. Journalist at Jeune Afrique, Zoom and the agency Gamma. Co-founder and editorial director of the Contact Press Images photo agency (New York). Commutes between Paris à New York. DCL co-Founder and Chairman of the Board.
Fred Ritchin, American. Dean Emeritus of the International Center for Photography School (ICP) in New York. Founder and director of Pixel Press and former professor of photography and imaging at New York University. Based in New York. DCL co-Founder.


The Board wishes to express its deepest gratitude to Bernard Estrade, the Agence France Presse (AFP) foreign correspondent and chief-editor, who was Catherine Leroy’s companion in the 70s and early 80s, for his many contributions and his invaluable wisdom. He died in Paris in March 2011.

An advisory committee made up of a dozen experts from different nationalities and professions, all related to photography, includes: Lynsey Addario, Jane Evelyn Atwood, David Burnett, Patrick Chauvel, Raymond Depardon, Arnold Drapkin, Ayperi Ecer, Carol Guzy, Emmanuel Joffet, Jean-François Leroy, Ken Light, Helen Marcus, Don McCullin and Christine Spengler. The committee, chaired by Grazia Neri, the founder of the now defunct famous Italian photographic agency by the same name, advises and audits the Board.