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Barely two months after her parachute jump with the men from the173rd Airborne during “Operation Junction City”, Catherine Leroy became involved in the Hill Fights near Khe Sanh, one of the bloodiest and hardest fought battles of the Vietnam War. That May 1967, her dramatic pictures of Navy corpsman Vernon Wike attending a mortally injured Marine on Hill 881 appeared as a Paris Match story.

Nine months later, in February 1968, Leroy went on to make Life’s cover story with her photographs and, a rare feat, her own words telling the short time she spent as a prisoner of North-Vietnamese forces near Hué, during the Têt Offensive.

Leroy’s two most famous reportages from the Vietnam War are still regularly published today in the press and in compilations.

In addition, Leroy is the author and co-author of two books.

AP wire photo of Catherine Leroy’s Hill 881 image as transmitted on May 2nd, 1967. Courtesy Ken Light